Team Managers, please have your team at the challenge site 20-30 minutes prior to presentation time ready to perform.

Mid-Cities Regional Tournament Schedule 2023

TCRoomChalChallenge TitleLvlSiteTeam NumberManagerSchool NameStructure Check-inTCTimeICTimeTeam Name
Gym 3ADaring EscapeEL 750-88541Arellano, AbbieW.A. Porter
 10:00 AM10:45 AMPorter Escape Team
Gym 3ADaring EscapeEL 750-37809Walls, Amanda-5Harvest Christian
 10:35 AM11:20 AM3-2-1 GORB Time
Gym 3ADaring EscapeEL 750-29053Locke, LauriButler Elementary
 10:55 AM11:40 AM 
Gym 3ADaring EscapeEL 750-11634Pittillo, LauraIndependence
 11:15 AM12:00 PMGTeople After Dark @
Gym 3ADaring EscapeEL 750-22210Copeland, VanessaGreen Valley
 9:00 AM9:45 AMTriple G (Greater
Gator Greats)
Gym 3ADaring EscapeEL 750-87513Evans, Rebecca  9:20 AM10:05 AMThe Escapers
Gym 3ADaring EscapeEL 750-27601Coffey, ZachButler Elementary 9:40 AM10:25 AMD.I.namite!
Gym 3ADaring EscapeML 750-25510Vasquez, Carlos
  2:35 PM3:20 PMTeam Two Shy To
Gym 3ADaring EscapeML 750-04842Walls, Amanda-1Harvest Christian
 2:55 PM3:40 PMBbash
Gym 3ADaring EscapeSL 750-72673Walls, Amanda-9Harvest Christian
 1:00 PM1:45 PMDeja Vu
Gym 3ADaring EscapeSL 750-05302Alcaraz, MonicaBowie Middle School 1:20 PM2:05 PMThe Cosmix
Gym 3ADaring EscapeSL 750-98529Kafka, Melissa  1:40 PM2:25 PMJ.A.S.S.
Gym 3ADaring EscapeSL 750-74600Pursley, NicoleRichland High School 2:00 PM2:45 PMlet me speak to ur
team manager
F 103BUp CloseEL 750-50906McCord, Sara  10:15 AM11:00 AMThe Wild Grizzlies
F 103BUp CloseEL 750-22091Wolf, HaleyM.C. Lively
 10:35 AM11:20 AMThe Loud-ish Ones
F 103BUp CloseEL 750-21115Walls, Amanda-3Harvest Christian
 11:10 AM11:55 AMEpic H2O Blackouts
F 103BUp CloseEL 750-77287Berg, ChiomaButler Elementary 11:30 AM12:15 PMDI-Nosaurs
F 103BUp CloseEL 750-77213Willis, Tenisha  11:50 AM12:35 PMIn DI Ocean
F 103BUp CloseEL 750-96081Rodriguez, ViolaElliott 12:10 PM12:55 PMScintillating Seven
F 103BUp CloseEL 750-52901Paris, MichelleMullendore Elementary 9:35 AM10:20 AMMullendore Master
F 103BUp CloseEL 750-81159Sierra, Emilia  9:55 AM10:40 AMThe Experimentos
F 103BUp CloseML 750-04727Francis, Megan  1:30 PM2:15 PMSkinny Gremlins
F 103BUp CloseML 750-09050Walls, Amanda-2Harvest Christian
 1:50 PM2:35 PMDI Don't No Science!
F 103BUp CloseML 750-16929Keller, Rodriguez  2:10 PM2:55 PMH.E.R.D
F 103BUp CloseML 750-98738Rodriguez, KandiceSchool for the Highly
 2:30 PM3:15 PMMighty Condrias
F 103BUp CloseML 750-03955Keller, Escobedo  3:05 PM3:50 PMW.E.
F 103BUp CloseML 750-16894Sykes, JenSchool for the Highly
 3:25 PM4:10 PMDIy
F 103BUp CloseML 750-36694Keller, Andrea  3:45 PM4:30 PMMusic Notes
F 103BUp CloseSL 750-82725Kafka, Melissa  8:00 AM8:45 AMManipulation
F 103BUp CloseSL 750-01142Cytron-Walker, Adena  8:20 AM9:05 AMThose Kids We
F 103BUp CloseSL 750-81253Meyer, CarissaGrapevine High School 8:40 AM9:25 AMMidCities Creativity
F 103BUp CloseSL 750-31023Walls, Amanda-4Harvest Christian
 9:00 AM9:45 AMAnatidaephobia
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-93305Mucino, JessicaGarner Fine Arts
 1:05 PM1:50 PMGF Awesomes
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-23447Dechiara, GeorgeCorey Academy 1:25 PM2:10 PMThe DIvas and The
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-46668Smith, Alexa  1:45 PM2:30 PMDIno Nuggies
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-94743Sisson, MelissaWWLA 10:05 AM10:50 AM 
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-29052Gopaul-Robinson,
Florence Hill
 10:25 AM11:10 AMFlorence Hill Raiders
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-39430Rodriguez, Viola  10:45 AM11:30 AMThe Justice League
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-40668Marquez, Mariellena  11:05 AM11:50 AMDI Kids
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-00892Soto-Carr, RocioFlorence Hill
 12:25 PM1:10 PMDI Smarties
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-59035Marich, Tiffani  12:45 PM1:30 PMlowercase e
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-80951Rodriguez, Viola  2:20 PM3:05 PMCrispy Peeps
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-31424Leonard, ErinGlenhope Elementary 2:40 PM3:25 PMGlenhope Tricky Tales
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-33941Ferguson, DennilleCorey Academy 3:00 PM3:45 PMSame Song, 4th Verse
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-71334Ansah, SheilaSchulze Elementary 8:30 AM9:15 AMCrispy Chihuahuas
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-00348Wolf, HaleyM.C. Lively
 8:50 AM9:35 AMOperation French Fry
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-89293Crump, AprilWest Birdville
 9:10 AM9:55 AMDi Cevers
F 135CTricky TalesELD750-50649Talamantez, ChrystenaCorey Academy 9:30 AM10:15 AMThe Imaginators
F 134CTricky TalesMLI750-10656Hainlen, JennaBowie Middle School 10:00 AM10:45 AMThe Quackz
F 134CTricky TalesMLI750-25442Brown, Anna  10:35 AM11:20 AMCoven of Tortoises
F 134CTricky TalesMLI750-63069Walls, Amanda-8Harvest Christian
 10:55 AM11:40 AM2 Hoopiter and Beyond
F 134CTricky TalesMLI750-21235Cole, Corey  11:15 AM12:00 PMThe Salty Ones
F 134CTricky TalesMLI750-82498Hawkins, Kayley  11:35 AM12:20 PMMelthan
F 134CTricky TalesMLI750-10743Weatherall, Jamie  9:00 AM9:45 AMCow Crimes, Inc.
F 134CTricky TalesMLI750-78090Brown, JoyWimbish World
Language Academy
 9:20 AM10:05 AM 
F 134CTricky TalesMLI750-19074Tiggeman, JamesDe Zavala Middle
 9:40 AM10:25 AMWe Broke the Table!
F 134CTricky TalesSLI750-87801Walls, Amanda-10Harvest Christian
 1:15 PM2:00 PMLondon Town Freedom
F 134CTricky TalesSLI750-84827Keller, Madden  1:35 PM2:20 PMP.E.E.P.S.
F 134CTricky TalesSLI750-66149Cytron-Walker, Adena  1:55 PM2:40 PMMom I Want My Phone
F 134CTricky TalesSLI750-04063Pineda, Catalina  12:55 PM1:40 PMihs#1d
F 134CTricky TalesSLI750-95626Mundheim, MarlaGCISD Collegiate
Academy at TCC NE
 2:30 PM3:15 PMThe Purple Pears
F 134CTricky TalesSLI750-16786Shah, TejalGrapevine High School 2:50 PM3:35 PMGrapevine High School
F 134CTricky TalesSLI750-04604Darr, DeannaJack E. Singley
 3:30 PM4:15 PMThe Phoenix Visions
F 134CTricky TalesSLI750-54964Pineda, CatalinaIrving High School 3:50 PM4:35 PMihs#1c
F 134CTricky TalesULI750-15279Crump, FredJack E. Singley
 3:10 PM3:55 PMSmells Like Team
ST 214DFestival FrenzyEL 750-26911Leonard, ErinGlenhope Elementary 1:20 PM12:05 PMGlenhope Festival
Frenzy B
ST 214DFestival FrenzyEL 750-80505Johnson, GeraldBurgin Elementary 1:40 PM12:25 PM 
ST 214DFestival FrenzyEL 750-05876Parks, NatalieCrouch Elementary
 2:00 PM12:45 PM 
ST 214DFestival FrenzyEL 750-72759Vargas, RocioCrouch 2:20 PM1:05 PMD' Incredibles
ST 214DFestival FrenzyML 750-97829Hutto, MargaretSmithfield Middle
 9:45 AM8:30 AMNonCents
ST 214DFestival FrenzySL 750-05582Pursley, NicoleRichland High School 10:05 AM8:50 AMlet me speak to ur
team manager
ST 214DFestival FrenzySL 750-71700Keller, Andrea  10:25 AM9:10 AMNerdy Birdy Trio
ST 214DFestival FrenzySL 750-29163Chapman, Mary  10:45 AM9:30 AMFive Guys
ST 214DFestival FrenzySL 750-66610Alcaraz, MonicaBowie Middle School 11:20 AM10:05 AMThe Box Trolls
ST 214DFestival FrenzySL 750-77717Moreland, Jennifer  11:40 AM10:25 AMTelephone Pole
ST 214DFestival FrenzySL 750-57035Pineda, CatalinaIrving High School 12:00 PM10:45 AMihs#1b
Gym 1ERoll With ItMLD750-33392Cole, Postlethwait 12:35 PM1:35 PM2:20 PMCobalt
Gym 1ERoll With ItMLD750-06515Cole, PostlethwaitSam Houston Middle
9:00 AM10:00 AM10:45 AMVERTS
Gym 1ERoll With ItMLD750-86648Baldwin, HeatherKeller ISD9:20 AM10:20 AM11:05 AMThe Martians
Gym 1ERoll With ItMLD750-18327Cole, Nguyen 9:40 AM10:40 AM10:05 AMAji Sajin
Gym 1ERoll With ItMLD750-30097Graves, CameronBowie Middle School10:15 AM11:15 AM8:30 AMRIP Bozos
Gym 1ERoll With ItMLD750-66680Graves, Cameron 10:35 AM11:35 AM8:50 AMJACCDS
Gym 1ERoll With ItMLD750-50408Alcaraz, MonicaBowie Middle School10:55 AM11:55 AM9:10 AMThe J.O.G.S
Gym 1ERoll With ItMLD750-98442Chavez, Maria 11:15 AM12:15 PM9:45 AMP.U.G.
Gym 1ERoll With ItSLD750-24488Perry, RachelJack E. Singley
12:55 PM1:55 PM2:40 PMDeezus
Gym 1ERoll With ItULD750-70048Darr, DeannaJack E. Singley
1:15 PM2:15 PM3:00 PMDI Joes
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-38242Ferguson, DennilleCorey Academy12:15 PM1:15 PM2:00 PMKindful Cubs
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-29154Nelson, BenKISD - Multiple
Elementary Schools
12:35 PM1:35 PM2:20 PMDragonflies
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-92320Alvarado, AngelKeyes Elementary9:00 AM10:00 AM10:45 AMThe Seven
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-66498Leonard, ErinGlenhope Elementary9:35 AM10:35 AM11:20 AMGlenhope Roll With It
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-49600Kelly, WendyButler Elementary9:55 AM10:55 AM11:40 AMDIapers
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-01682Crump, AprilWest Birdville
10:15 AM11:15 AM12:00 PMDI Legends
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-15900Cheesman, FaithHoliday Heights10:35 AM11:35 AM12:20 PMIntelligent
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-08014Wolf, HaleyLively El11:55 AM12:55 PM1:40 PM 
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-94121Soto-Carr, RocioFlorence Hill
8:00 AM9:00 AM9:45 AMSayonara Bananas
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-41098Brown, Sandy 8:20 AM9:20 AM10:05 AMHero Engineeria
Gym 2ERoll With ItELI750-12386Willis, TenishaJackie Mae Townsell
8:40 AM9:40 AM10:25 AMVIP Legends
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-80353Nelson, StephanieNorth Riverside
 1:05 PM1:35 PMTeam Everything
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-08066Carlton, DeidreWimbish World
Language Academy
 1:40 PM2:10 PM 
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-59848Walls, Amanda-7Harvest Christian
 10:05 AM10:35 AMLet's Go, Monsters!
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-15506Carlton, MarnevaWimbish World
Language Academy
 10:25 AM10:55 AMWolf Pack
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-73372Miller, JenniferWimbish World
Language Academy
 10:45 AM11:15 AM 
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-93874Monreal, LucyLee Elementary School 11:05 AM11:35 AMThe Cowboys
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-23946Smith, AlexaTownsell 12:25 PM12:55 PM 
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-03482Lyons, LauraWest Birdville
Elementary School
 12:45 PM1:15 PMFriendly Monsters
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-32971Evans, Rebecca  2:00 PM2:30 PMTimberline Tigers
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-98663Leonard, ErinGlenhope Elementary 8:30 AM9:00 AMGlenhope Monster
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-18421Spaulding, TiffanyGarner Fine Arts 8:50 AM9:20 AMCreative Cubs
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-74197Casey, ErinGarner Fine Arts
 9:10 AM9:40 AM 
H 105ELMonster MannersRS 750-19899Meisner, MaryWalker Creek
 9:30 AM10:00 AMMovers & Shakers
ST 119SLFor the FutureEL 750-49690Walls, Amanda-6Harvest Christian
 1:30 PM2:15 PMUhhh...Party Animals
ST 119SLFor the FutureEL 750-73411Crump, AprilWest Birdville
 1:50 PM2:35 PMTalented Scholars
ST 119SLFor the FutureSL 750-67212Ryals, Dawn  2:10 PM2:55 PMThe Procras-DI-nators
ST 119SLFor the FutureSL 750-61393Pineda, Catalina  2:45 PM3:30 PMihs#1
ST 119SLFor the FutureSL 750-45235Henderson, Sean  3:05 PM3:50 PMR.I.P. Scooter
ST 119SLFor the FutureSL 750-99126Walls, Amanda-11Harvest Christian
 3:25 PM4:10 PMmoo.

Texas eXtreme Schedule 2023

X Team #LevelTeam ManagerCheck InWork RmPerformanceRoom #
183SLJennifer Moreland1970-01-01 08:20:001970-01-01 08:30:001970-01-01 09:00:001
176SLAmanda Walls1970-01-01 08:40:001970-01-01 08:50:001970-01-01 09:20:002
180SLMelissa Kafka, Rachel Perry1970-01-01 09:00:001970-01-01 09:10:001970-01-01 09:40:003
182SLMarla Mundheim1970-01-01 09:20:001970-01-01 09:30:001970-01-01 10:00:001
177MLAmanda Walls1970-01-01 09:55:001970-01-01 10:05:001970-01-01 10:35:002
179SLMelissa Kafka 1970-01-01 10:15:001970-01-01 10:25:001970-01-01 10:55:003
178SLStacy Wirick1970-01-01 10:35:001970-01-01 10:45:001970-01-01 11:15:001
181SLCarissa Meyer, Tejal Shah1970-01-01 10:55:001970-01-01 11:05:001970-01-01 11:35:002