There are two ways to register as an Appraiser. One, is by using a link provided to you by the Team Manager of the team you are representing. This is a pretty straight forward process and will automatically assign you to the right team number. The second way to register is to follow this link, where you will register as “Volunteers representing a team” or “Volunteers not representing a team.” Volunteers that are representing an Extreme Team will need to register as “Volunteers not representing a team.”

Appraisers — Extreme teams or anyone not representing a team

Set up an account with Destination Imagination

Go to Register Your Team

Select “Volunteers not representing a team”

Select “Texas Tournaments” from the dropdown menu

Select “Mid-Cities DI 2024 Regional Tournament”

Scroll down and click “Continue”

Log in with the account info you used for your Destination Imagination account

Complete the application

If appraising for a Texas Extreme team, you can put your 850-_____ team number in the “Notes” section. Please do not use an 850-_____ number in the team representing space. RYT will only recognize 750-_____ team numbers.

Mark your calendar for Training and the Tournament date!!! Thank you for your participation!