Texas Extreme is a fun and challenging opportunity for our most creative problem-solving teams. If you have a team that wants to take up this challenge please read carefully to the end of this note! 

See the attached flyer to learn more about Texas Extreme.

Because Texas Extreme is so special and only in Texas, we have an easy but additional process that must be followed to register for the Mid-Cities DI Tournament. This process is totally separate from the RYT and Destination Imagination process you may be familiar with.

Step 1: 

Use this link to apply for a team number from Texas DI. Your number will begin with 850-. You must acquire this number to register for the Mid-Cities Regional Tournament. This number is free.

The deadline to apply for this number is November 17, 2023. Please only request a number for teams that plan to participate in our tournament.

Step 2: 

Use this link to register for the Mid-Cities DI Tournament for Texas Extreme. This tournament is February 24, 2024 at Birdville High School. The deadline for registration is Dec 1, 2023


1.     Texas Extreme competition only has two levels, Middle Level and Secondary Level.

2.     Teams must have the same team members for the Regular DI Team challenge and Texas Extreme. We cannot allow mixing of team members due to the difficulty of scheduling.

3.     Teams can, at most, compete in one regular DI Team challenge in addition to Texas Extreme, due to scheduling.

4.     Teams may compete in Extreme only.

5.     Your team is required to provide an appraiser volunteer to compete in Texas Extreme. Appraiser training will occur the week of Feb 3rd. This will be via zoom and last 2-3 hours. Your volunteer MUST also show up for the tournament on Feb 24th and volunteer from 8am-5pm. https://www.midcitiesdi.org/register-as-an-appraiser/

6.     The Regional Tournament Fee for Texas Extreme is $125

7.     At least one team from each level will advance to Lonestar Finals held at UTA on April 13, 2024

8.     If your team advances, the cost for Lonestar Finals is $350.