Mid Cities DI Tournament Results

Destination Imagination congratulates all the students who participated in the Cross Timbers MS tournament. We think you are all winners!

Teams emphasized as such are going on to the next level of competition.

A: Piece By Piece

A: Piece By Piece, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GD Island Gators, Birdville ISDGreen Valley Elementary750-98461
2D.I.cebergs, Arlington ISDButler Elementary750-46832
3 ICChain Reaction, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGlenhope Elementary Grapevine750-51017
4Koalas, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGlenhope Elementary Grapevine750-08252

A: Piece By Piece, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G ICCouch in the Bathroom, Grand Prairie ISDSHG Elementary750-84391
2Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovu, Irving ISDAustin Middle School750-14133

B: Far-Fetched

B: Far-Fetched, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GThe 5 Duck Taping Donuts, Harvest Christian AcademyKeller750-41615
2GThe Loose Cannons, Birdville ISDWA Porter Elementary750-08024
3 ICThe Sky’s the Limit, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGlenhope Elementary Grapevine750-42180
4DI Peeples, Arlington ISDButler Elementary750-49887
5Birdville ISDWalker Creek Elementary750-40420
6Team Panthers, Irving ISDSchulze Elementary School750-31478
7Imagination Creation, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGlenhope Elementary Grapevine750-70633

B: Far-Fetched, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G ICTaco Bell D.I.ablo Sauce, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGrapevine High 750-89072
2Made with Real Cheese, Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Hurst750-63810
3Anatidaephobia, Harvest Christian AcademyKeller750-51297

C: Flip the Script

C: Flip the Script, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GKindful Cubs, Arlington ISDCorey Academy750-69135
2GCrazy Gummy Bears, Irving ISDGilbert Elementary School Irving750-98437
3Mackkm Cheese, Grand Prairie ISDSHG Elementary750-58663
4Who’s the Magic Rapper?, Harvest Christian AcademyFort Worth750-28378
5The Bright Kids!, Grand Prairie ISDGarner Elementary750-80769
6 ICCotton Candy Cream Team, Arlington ISDCorey Academy750-94473
7Harry Enchanted Pizza Corgilotls, Arlington ISDCorey Academy750-58483
8Straight Outta Wishes , Grand Prairie ISDGarner Elementary750-35738
9The Chosen Ones, Irving ISDBrown Elementary School750-64840
10TDI Smarties, Grand Prairie ISDFlo Hill Elementary750-11448
10TG.P.W.T, Grand Prairie ISDGarner Elementary750-22333
11DIsney Minus, Irving ISDTownsell Elementary School750-99254
12D.I. Main Event, Irving ISDTownsell Elementary School750-99580
13The Lively Champs, Irving ISDLively Elementary School750-96958

C: Flip the Script, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G ICThe Rainbow Table, E.A. Young AcademyTrophy Club750-95521
2GDa Boyz and Noelle, Harvest Christian AcademyKeller750-45357
3The Far Squad, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGrapevine750-68725
4The SIMS, Irving ISDTravis Middle School750-69810
5TThe Creators, Irving ISDAustin Middle School750-50883
5TFruit Loops, Irving ISDSam Houston Middle School750-57965
6Wolf Pack, Arlington ISDWimbish World Language Academy750-02252

C: Flip the Script, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GwE’rE aLl MaD hErE!, Harvest Christian AcademyKeller750-87598
2GLet me speak to ur team manager, Birdville ISDBirdville High School750-39334
3Undecided, Irving ISDSingley Academy750-67493
4P.E.E.P.S., Irving ISDNimitz High School750-49822
5 ICTeam Nobility, Irving ISDNimitz High School750-02667
6D-I-Why am I here, Irving ISDSingley Academy750-35098

D: Showdown

D: Showdown, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GWhite Tigers, Grand Prairie ISDFlo Hill Elementary750-53004
2GD Dino Squad, Arlington ISDCrouch Elementary750-17771
3 ICEmerald Blasters, Arlington ISDCrouch Elementary750-52843
4Domination 101, Keller ISDFort Worth750-12332
5The Shadow, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGlenhope Elementary Grapevine750-44919

D: Showdown, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GNonCents, Birdville ISDSmithfield Middle School750-65459
2DICES, Arlington ISDCrouch Elementary Arlington750-09377
3Improv Prodigies, Arlington ISDBurgin Middle School750-89647
4 ICThe Squirrels, Irving ISDAustin Middle School750-24459

D: Showdown, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G ICMomruoy, Harvest Christian AcademyKeller750-45881
2GNerdy Birdy Trio, Irving ISDNimitz High School750-53453
3We’re Not There Yet, Irving ISDMacArthur High School750-50517
4The Macaroni Mafia, Birdville ISDRichland High School750-06731
5Spectacular Spectacles, Irving ISDSingley Academy750-39386

E: Thrill Ride

E: Thrill Ride, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GCheesiest Cheese Boards, Keller ISDFort Worth750-80156
2GThe Dream Team, Arlington ISDWimbish World Language Academy750-49766
3T ICArlington ISDLittle Elementary750-33082
3TAwesome Axolotl, Birdville ISDSnow Heights Elementary750-32468
4The Thunderbirds, Grand Prairie ISDMoseley Elementary750-87433
5DI Kids Again , Irving ISDGilbert Elementary School750-34058
6Gators, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGlenhope Elementary Grapevine750-89351
7Torchlighters, Irving ISDTownley Elementary750-15473
824k Legends, Irving ISDTownsell Elementary School750-65117
9The Strong Wildcats, Birdville ISDWatauga Elementary750-87615
10Banana Troops, Grand Prairie ISDFlo Hill Elementary750-93577
11Tigers, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGlenhope Elementary Grapevine750-72837
12The Big 5 Rockets, Grand Prairie ISDAustin Elementary750-15849
13Team ABC, Irving ISDSchulze Elementary750-26989
14The Little Six, Irving ISDTownsell Elementary School750-50614

E: Thrill Ride, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G ICThe Divas and The Dudes, Arlington ISDGunn Middle School750-37720
2Slaying Smurfs, Irving ISDLamar Middle School750-50460
3Star TREC, Harvest Christian AcademyKeller750-40505
4Engineering Mind, Irving ISDAustin Middle School750-34015

E: Thrill Ride, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G ICHallucinogenic Crepe Myrtles, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGrapevine750-20508
2GLoca et Legiones Romanae, Harvest Christian AcademyFort Worth750-04382
3The Lim├│ners, Birdville ISDRichland HS750-79543
4We, Irving ISDNimitz High School750-42000
5Unknown, E.A. Young AcademyTrophy Club750-03742

X: The “_____” Method

X: The “_____” Method, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GSmithfield Middle 750-00220

X: The “_____” Method, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1GTImprov Team, Singley Academy 750-00217
1GTHallucinogenic Crepe Myrtles, Grapevine HS 750-00225
2GSingley Academy 750-00218
3DI Why, Grapevine HS 750-00219
4DI Why am I here, Singley Academy 750-00216

pO: High Stakes

pO: High Stakes, Elementary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G IC74 SUS, Harvest Christian AcademyKeller750-76755
2Space Warrior Cats, Irving ISDIrving ISD750-24263
3MLA, Grapevine-Colleyville ISDGlenhope Elementary Grapevine750-94269

pO: High Stakes, Middle Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G ICSilly Fellas, Harvest Christian AcademyKeller750-86744

pO: High Stakes, Secondary Level

RankNameTownTeam Num
1G ICThe Flock, Irving ISDNimitz High School750-89444
2E.L.V.E.S., Irving ISDCardwell Prep750-44220
3Your Mom, Irving ISDMacArthur High School750-71451
4GPCI High School, Grand Prairie ISDGPCI High School750-42739

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