Mid-Cities Destination Imagination Regional Tournament March 5, 2022 at Richland High School

Richland High School 5201 Holiday Ln, North Richland Hills, TX 76180

Doors open at 7:00AM

Tournament Check-in: This is the time to check online paperwork and pick up t-shirt and pin preorders. Team check-in is available on Saturday from 8:00am-12:00pm.

Attention Team Managers! There was a problem with the servers at last weekend’s tournaments and it has come to our attention that having a hard copy of all of your team paperwork could be very helpful for appraisers should we experience the same difficulties. Please plan to bring copies of all tournament documents. You will find a blue “PDF” button on your document pages and you can create a PDF to print by clicking that button.

Most teams will be escorted directly from Presentation to Instant Challenge. For the few that have Instant Challenge first, please be at the Instant Challenge check-in 10 minutes prior to scheduled time. Instant Challenge check-in is located at the end of H hall. If you are a Team Manager with more than one team, you will not be allowed in the Instant Challenge room with your team until your last team of the day.

Engineering Teams

Our tournament pressure boards weigh 10lbs.

Available weights: 10 5lbs, 10 10lbs, 5 25lbs, 5 35lbs, 4 45lbs

All Engineering teams will go to room ST122 for structure check-in.

  • Helium
  • Dry ice (only if handled properly)
  • Smoke/fog machines
  • Silly string
  • No large amounts of water
  • No lights may be turned off during a presentation
  • No glitter–Glitter is banned at the Lone Star Finals
  • No outside food or drink in the performance areas

Please read this document for all the final decisions for our 2022 MCDI Tournament. You will find important information about Instant Challenge, Awards, and more.

The 2021-22 Tournament Guide for Teams is now available. The Tournament Guide provides detailed information on what to expect at your upcoming Destination Imagination tournament, as well as some helpful tips from teams and Team Managers on how to have a great tournament experience. 

T-Shirts and Pins

Your pre-orders will be available Wednesday, March 2 from 5-7pm and on tournament day at the check-in table. We will have some shirts and pins available for purchase at the DIme Store at the tournament.

Tournament Volunteers

Appraisers – Every team must provide at least one tournament Appraiser. Appraiser Volunteers are trained to officiate this tournament. It’s fun and rewarding, and requires no specific experience or expertise – but it does require a commitment of time. Appraisers will attend a virtual training during the week of February 12 and will work the tournament on March 5 from 7:30am-5:00pm. Appraisers must be 18 or older and have completed high school. As an Appraiser, please remember that you will have to work all during the tournament and should expect to miss your child’s performance. All appraisers will receive a Mid-Cities DI appraiser t-shirt.

Support Volunteers – It takes a small army to put on a successful tournament, and we can always use extra hands for things like registration, watching doors, cleanup, etc. Every team must provide at least one support volunteer. Support Volunteers are required to work a 2 hour shift and will be able to attend their team members presentation. If you need to switch the assigned volunteer for your team, please complete this form to keep your volunteer informed.

Tournament Schedule Requests

Requests will be prioritized as follows and are not guaranteed. * If a request involves more than one team, you will need to provide Team Numbers of the other teams for your request to be considered. 

1 Teams doing multiple challenge and/or Team Members on multiple teams.

2 Team Managers of multiple teams

3 Team Managers with children on other teams

4 School related activities (UIL, etc.)

5 Families with children on multiple teams

Low Contact Rooms: This year, teams may choose a Low Contact Room for teams with medical concerns. Low Contact Rooms will be for team members and team managers only, and everyone will be masked. Priority will be given to your request for a Low Contact Room and other scheduling requests may not be possible. Note there will be no audience allowed in a Low Contact Room.

Tournament registration has closed! Your team must be registered by December 8, 2021. This year, we are using the same registration system, Register Your Team at ryt.destinationimagination.org. Don’t worry it is very user friendly and we have a guide to walk you through the process. Just click the button below!

Start your registration as soon as possible! You will send links to your team members’ parents and volunteers and they must do their part before you can complete your team registration. Please allow plenty of time before December 8, 2021.