Mid-Cities Destination Imagination Regional Tournament

February 11, 2023 7:30am-5:00pm Awards at 6:30pm

Cross Timbers Middle School 2301 Pool Rd, Grapevine, TX 76051


Deadline December 9, 2022, 11:00pm

Please take a few minutes to become familiar with the registration process. TXDI has produced  Exploring your DI Dashboard Video and Written Instructions and a video to help.

Registration will take place on Register Your Team, also known as RYT.

Team Managers must be linked with Team Number(s) in the Resource Area before they will see their team(s) on RYT.

Tournament Volunteers

Appraisers – Every team must provide at least one tournament Appraiser. Appraiser Volunteers are trained to officiate this tournament. It’s fun and rewarding, and requires no specific experience or expertise – but it does require a commitment of time. Appraisers will attend a virtual training during the week of January 14, 2023 and will work the tournament February 11, 2023 7:30am-5:00pm. Appraisers must be 18 or older and have completed high school. As an Appraiser, please remember that you will have to work all during the tournament and should expect to miss your child’s performance. All appraisers will receive a Mid-Cities DI appraiser t-shirt. 

**New this year, we have offered teams an option to pay a $200 fee to not provide an appraiser. If a team does not give a good faith effort to provide an appraiser that attends both training and the tournament, Mid-Cities Creativity may charge the team $200. Non-payment of this fee could result in the team’s disqualification for tournament participation and/or advancement.**

Support Volunteers – It takes a small army to put on a successful tournament, and we can always use extra hands for things like registration, watching doors, cleanup, etc. Every team must provide at least one support volunteer. Support Volunteers are required to work a 2 hour shift and will be able to attend their team members presentation.

Tournament Schedule Requests

Requests will be prioritized as follows and are not guaranteed. * If a request involves more than one team, you will need to provide Team Numbers of the other teams for your request to be considered. 

1 Teams doing multiple challenge and/or Team Members on multiple teams.

2 Team Managers of multiple teams

3 Team Managers with children on other teams

4 School related activities (UIL, etc.)

5 Families with children on multiple teams