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All tournament online forms are due by 5:00PM on Monday, February 19.

Appraisers and Tournament Volunteers

Our Volunteer Coordinator will reach out with a schedule and assignment for our tournament volunteers soon after our tournament schedule is finalized. Please follow up with your tournament volunteer and remind them of their commitment.

Tournament Schedule

The schedule is now posted. Of our 142 teams, we had over 100 schedule requests, some effecting multiple teams. There is no guarantee that we can meet all requests, but we will do our best. Please know that these requests greatly slow down the scheduling process and sometimes create undesirable timing between challenges for some teams.


Site Maps

Merch- 2024 DIme Store

Be sure to visit our DIme store located in the cafetorium on tournament day! You will find many souvenirs to choose from to commemorate your regional tournament experience. We will have our t-shirts, pins, and stickers, challenge pins, grab bags of pins to trade, crazy hats to create a festive mood for the award ceremony, and so much more!

—– Which CRAZY HAT will you wear on tournament day? —–

Activities @ Tournament

New this year!

Pin Trading– Pin trading is the premier social event in Destination Imagination. For the first time, it’s officially coming to Mid-Cities. Anyone attending the tournament can trade their DI pins from around the world in any of the designated pin trading areas. Collect pin sets and meet new friends as barter trades! All pins should be traded on a one to one basis. Please trade fairly. Trading will take place from 11-1 in the courtyard. If weather is an issue, we will move it inside, most likely to the cafetorium.

Bring your pins from previous years or purchase grab bags of 5 pins for $5 at the DIme Store.

Team Scavenger Hunt– Find the 20 Expect The Unexpected pin designs hidden around campus, take a team picture with image #20, and complete the online form to be eligible to win a prize awarded at the Awards Ceremony! Teams must be present at the Award Ceremony to win. Take a screen shot of the completed form to show the Volunteer Check-in table to get a place marked on your bingo card.

Bingo– Pick up a MCDI Tournament Bingo card at the DIme Store. You will get a stamp at most locations listed on the cards. Some spots will require the signature of a trustworthy adult or you may show the volunteer check-in table. When you reach a bingo, return your cards to the DIme Store to be entered to win prizes at the Awards Ceremony! Individuals must be present to win. Get a double bingo, two rows of 5 stickers, and you will be entered to win a tessellation Texas bats pin set.

Awards Ceremony

Team Manager Information

Safety Considerations

  • All team members are required to wear solid sole, closed-toe shoes.
  • Engineering Teams: No bag launching indoors. See map for designated launch practice location.
  • Safety glasses should be worn, if presentation poses a risk. 
  • We are guests in this school, and we should treat it as if it were our own. Please pick up your trash and keep the hallways clear for others to pass.
  • Teams may not set up in the challenge hallways. Find space in the cafetorium or the main hallway please.

Notes from our Challenge Masters

  • It is the team’s responsibility to protect the floors in every room.
  • All props must fit through a standard size door of 30″ wide. We will not remove bars on double doors.
  • Be sure to read all published clarifications and bring any team requested clarifications with you to the tournament.
  • Please make sure your team members know there will be a Q & A session with the appraisers at the end of their team challenge presentation. Prepare them for that!
  • Instant Challenge: If you are a team manager of multiple teams, you will not be allowed in any instant challenge unless it is your LAST team of the day… REGARDLESS OF CHALLENGE OR LEVEL
  • You MUST bring an internet connected device with you to the tournament. If corrections are needed, you will be given the opportunity to fix them prior to the challenge, but devices will NOT be available for you to borrow.
  • HAVE FUN!!!

Technical Challenge Teams

The Technical Challenge: Pinball Heroes, will be performing on unprotected gym floors.  Please ensure your team’s solution will not damage the floor.  At check-in we will look for things that might be a risk and we will stop a performance if we see a team doing something that is or is about to cause damage.  Here are a few things to be mindful of:

  • Do not slide items across the floor! That might cause damage to the floor.  Items that are heavy and/or have unprotected bottom surfaces should be carried or be moved by means other than sliding.
  • If wheels, casters, or other mechanisms are used to move items, make sure wheels will not leave marks.
  • Check that screws, nails, or other things are not protruding from the bottom of items that will be placed on the floor.
  • All liquids, water, chemicals, or other substances, must be well contained. Teams will be asked to explain what measures they are taking to insure these will cause no damage. Liquids must be in sealed containers at the state competition, so we recommend you adhere to that at our tournament as well. 
  • Floor coverings to protect the floor and do not add to a team’s solution are exempt budget items.  Refer to the Rules of the Road pages 25-28 for more details.  If floor coverings are used, they must not be placed where they will cover the Pinball Playfield boundary lines.


We follow all restrictions listed in the Rules of the Road p. 29-31 at our tournament. These are some of the discretionary items along with some friendly reminders:

  • ABSOLUTELY NO WEAPONS of any kind, including replicas or representation of weapon use
  • No Helium balloons
  • Dry ice allowed with permission
  • No Smoke/fog machines
  • No Silly string
  • Liquids must be in sturdy, well sealed container
  • No lights may be turned off during a presentation
  • No glitter or Confetti–These are banned at the Lone Star Finals
  • No food or drink in the performance areas

Concessions on Campus

Find our concessions stand in the cafetorium.

Food Nearby

Teams Advancing to the Lone Star Finals

All Team Managers are required to attend a mandatory Going to State virtual meeting on Monday, February 26 @ 7:00PM.

All team managers and team members will be require to wear the MCDI regional tournament t-shirt to the LSF award ceremony.

-Challenges with 4 or less teams in a level will advance 1st place teams.

-Challenges with 5 or more teams in a level will advance 1st and 2nd place teams.

-Bonus teams will be announced after March 2. Most districts do not support bonus teams.

Lone Star Finals registration deadline is March 7 and fees are $350.

Lone Star Finals will be April 12 & 13 at University of Arlington.

A mandatory Going to State meeting will take place the week following tournament.

This is MCDI registration info from earlier in the season.

Registration is closed.

  • Register Your Team at
  • Tournament fee $100 per team. Extreme teams $125 (includes $25 team number fee).
  • Registration Deadline is December 1.
  • Late fee of $50 until December 8.
  • Absolutely no registration allowed after December 8.

Extreme Registration is closed.

  • Request a team number from TXDI
  • Register for MCDI tournament
  • Extreme Tournament fee is $125 which includes the TXDI number
  • Registration deadline is December 1
  • Email Stella Greer for more information

Every team must have an Appraiser and a Tournament Helper. You can send a link to your Appraiser from your RYT registration or they can use the link below for instructions to register without your link. Please contact MCDI if you need to assign a new appraiser or helper.

Tournament Schedule Requests

Requests will be prioritized as follows and are not guaranteed. * If a request involves more than one team, you will need to provide Team Numbers of the other teams in RYT for your request to be considered. 

  • 1 Teams doing multiple challenge and/or Team Members on multiple teams.
  • 2 Team Managers of multiple teams
  • 3 Team Managers with children on other teams
  • 4 School related activities (UIL, etc.)